Where We Are

Ville in Calabria is the Italian soul of Enotria Travel, a Tour Operator , founded in 1999 by Tina Altieri, a Calabrian who has settled in Holland.

The agency’s head office is in Holland, where our booking and administrative offices are located.

The Italian office is located in Calabria, in Capo Vaticano, where we offer hospitality and assistance to our clients and manage all the houses directly.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to offer an authentic and genuine Calabria, through a product selected and controlled by us.

We believe that contact with the territory and the people who live there is fundamental, staying in places where you can still feel at home.

Thanks to this type of sustainable tourism, small local businesses can develop and grow, without affecting their traditions, history or nature.

Today, our work, which has also become our passion, is the search for the ideal holiday through responsible tourism that respects places and people.

Our Team in Calabria

Our office in Calabria is responsible for welcoming and assisting guests and is therefore your point of reference during your holiday.

All the houses you find on the site have been personally selected by us and are constantly checked. We will gladly help you with any information about the area and activities to do.

Headquarters in the Netherlands

‘Enotria Netherlands’ consists of 4 people and is based near Amsterdam.

Our work is also our passion: travelling in Italy. We offer holidays in Italy mainly to Dutch and Belgian clients, but we also have collaborations with other European countries.

What makes Enotria special is the knowledge of the area and having personally visited and selected all the facilities we offer. We are all in love with the history, culture and traditions of this country of ours.

With enthusiasm we are happy to help you in your search for the ideal holiday.

Our project for Ethiopia

A portion of the booking fees is donated to the Education for Hope, a charity founded by us in 2008. Therefore every Enotria customer participates in this project.

The aim of Education for Hope is to enable children in Ethiopia to go to school and get a proper education. In this way, today’s children will be able to positively influence the economic and social growth of this country in the near future.

Education for Hope currently supports 20 children financially. The donations that arrive are also used for medical care costs. With our funds we support school fees, lunch and uniforms for the children. We are strongly convinced that education is the key to securing a future.

We hope that with everyone’s help this initiative will grow.